Saturday, October 20, 2012

Experiences with some new apps

This past couple weeks I tried out some new apps. Two held really great promise, Infinidocs and SwipeSelection. Let's take the last one first. Typing on the iPad is an acquired taste, as they say. To call it difficult is about as big an understatement as a person can make. SwipeSelection promised easy cursor movement, something that is really really cumbersome on the iPad but an integral part of writing. Big fail! In email, typing excruciatingly slowly, it does as advertised. But at every other time, forget it! Too bad. Infinidocs came through however. What does it do? Look at the picture. IPad owners will recognize that the native iPad dock will hold only seven apps. How many do I have? Cool, huh?! :-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

iOS6 is here

Okay, so it is. With a jailbroken iPad2, however, it means I am in no hurry to update, in spite of Apple's insistent and constant needling that I do so. There won't be a jailbreak routine for iOS6 for some while. It took almost a year for the one for iOS5 to appear. So we'll see. Ironically, one of iOS6 new capabilities is one of the things jailbreaking got me, the ability to add attachments to email. But it wasn't the only one, or even the most important.
That honor goes to the ability to use a flash drive, something Apple is unlikely to sanction for the foreseeable future, given their almost cultic belief in "the cloud.".