Saturday, July 13, 2013

iPad update

It's been a while since I mentioned nuisances, so here are three more. iPad and I are still getting along, if not famously, then well enough. It is still the best all-rounder in my opinion. Lately I have been a little annoyed by three pet peeves, and I'll share those now. All have to do with typing. First, somebody at Apple decided, evidentally, that the user would want a capital letter to appear whenever backspacing some misspelled letters away. And that is what iOS does, consistently make whatever letter you type after backspacing, a capital letter. Such as this exAmple. Very annoying and a cumbersome waste of time. Second, just as trying and maybe more so for a dedicated writer, is the iPad period issue. Apple's iOS doggedly insists on putting a period at the end of every sentance, no matter what else is in the sentance by way of punctuation, giving you sentances such as, Mary had a little lamb whose name was "Fred.". I did not put that second period there, iPad did, and does, every time. I have yet to find a way to defeat it. Third, it is kind of silly, but it is all too easy to outpace, or out-type, the iPad. At best I do maybe 30 wpm, but the iPad artificially keeps that down to 15 or 20, I am guessing though I have never measured it. Get to typing in a hurry and it just can't keep up, lagging behind until, if you insist, it simply crashes. As far as fast typing goes, I mentioned the apostrophe issue before also, that it takes a full two seconds to make an apostrophe, so there again you have a speed limiter built in.

But I suppose the very fact that I have to work so hard to come up with these iPad foibles says something about the product. I am definitely enamored with it, its few warts notwithstanding. :-)