Sunday, March 6, 2016

IPad Apps: The Truth

We have always marveled, those of us who are smitten by the tablet and particularly its iPad permutation, at how economically-priced apps are.  Many are free and few are more than $5.  Though there is the occasional $29 app, these are rare and you know when you see one it is a pretty serious app.  LogMeIn comes to mind.  Well, six years and countless apps later the shine has worn off this seeming bonus.  The truth is, and understand beforehand I am interested only in productivity apps, ninety five percent of the apps on the Apple Store are junk.  Either they don’t do what they say they wiil, or they do something completely different, or they crash repeatedly, or they are more glitz than guts.  Ergo, it literally takes downloading and installing and trying out an average of ten and sometimes 20 apps just to find one good one.  And oddly enough, price is never an indicator or anything.  Example: out of five apps downloaded for html email production, only one actually works let alone works well, and it cost one-fifth what the most expensive of the bunch cost.  

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